Julia Goldstein teaching

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A well-conceived educational concept as the basis for artistic success

It is an enormous responsibility to guide and form children and young people during the most receptive years of their lives. That is why Julia Goldstein sees the all-round training of young pianists as a very special task.

This instrumental training, based on her own personal concept, gives pupils the opportunity, within the scope of their personal talent, to:

  • master their instrument
  • apply mind over matter to their training
  • take charge of their personal practice schedule
  • hone their playing technique
  • acquire a musical understanding of the works they play
  • develop skills of discernment towards interpretation
  • open their minds to the highly diverse world of keyboard sound
  • acquire a self-confident air on the stage

Technical skill and proficiency form a very important element in the overall training of a musician. Julia Goldstein's method encompasses a great variety of technical practice of scales, chords and arpeggios plus the playing of études as the basis for a technical training based on individual needs.

Another element that goes hand in hand with technical grounding is an awakening of a multifaceted aural appreciation: in order to produce a lively sound and soft touch, the player's fingers must be strong in themselves! This development and sensitisation to achieve a broad aural perception is also necessary if a performer is to carry over that understanding of the music's sound into a personal interpretation of the work.

That is because music is a universally recognised language, understood by listeners through its tonality. Why not join Julia Goldstein in the exciting search for the choreographic forms of movement to be extracted from the instrument in order to impart to the compositions their natural aesthetic character as they unfold in your performance.

The process of recognition, which is only now becoming clear, that our society can only function and survive in the long term if talented young people are given the ideal training, a high degree of attention and acknowledgement of their achievement, has already led at various levels to initiatives which take account of this high ideal.